1. Even though Sam might be the adorable awkward it seem’s from most the photos we see are usually Sam either giving the two-fingers or the middle finger. Someone needs to tell that young man that it’s not very appropriate to be rude towards the cameraman taking the photo!
(Thanks to Saoirse for linking me to the photo of Sam that’s been used)
  2. Just admit it, you love the beard! His beard is what helps us recognise him, we might have seen him without it, but it defines the Baird-ness of Kevin!
  3. twodoortumblrclub:

    Here it is, the #basementpeople surprise! Enjoy, AND reblog!

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  4. There’s just something about the covers that make you look at it in awe of coolness. The covers don’t even relate to the songs, but that’s what makes them brilliant! ♥
Reason suggested by 1year5days.
  5. Sam dresses up as Buzz Lightyear and Kevin takes the chance to mess around with and making him say that iconic line!
If you haven’t seen the video, then here’s the link. It’s around 5:23! ♥
  6. Just look at those two! They are the Kings of Dance! ♥

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  7. One of Alex’s memories of Glastonbury last year was; Prince Charles meeting the guys after they had finished their set. This was a big surprise for them since such royalty wanted to meet them! You’d think the meeting would be the highlight, right? Well, Alex thinks the best highlight was the stain on the Princes trousers in the lower area.
I only have two questions about this;
Why did Alex look at Prince Charles’s crotch?
Why is Kevin looking at Prince Charles’s crotch?
Answers we may never know. ♥

Quote retrieved from jurgen-haabemasster.
  8. lets-make-this-happen-girl:

    Sleep Alone (Live At Glastonbury 2011) | Two Door Cinema Club

    New song that is to feature on Two Door Cinema Club’s second album which is still in the making. Alex announced that once they finish all their festivals performances they’re; ” going into hiding for a couple of months.” to work on the album. 

    Download the song here.


    I’ve been fiddling around with the track and editing it to make it louder and clearer. I’ve also shortened the beginning from 15 seconds to 10 seconds. Oh, and I’ve also created a new cover art for it!

    Here’s the new download link.

    Enjoy! ♥

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  9. Ben just seems to add that brilliant essence whenever the guys are touring and playing gigs! ♥
  10. And we are proud! ♥
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